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STARS-CASCADE: “Surgical Theater for Advanced Rehearsal and Surgical Performance – Cerebral Aneurysm Simulation, Clipping and Debriefing”

After our experience with the STARS study, we realized that implementing neurosurgical simulation into vascular neurosurgery could also be done in order to improve the preoperative planning of aneurysms’ surgeries and the training of young neurosurgeons in this field. The cases were preoperatively rehearsed by simulating the craniotomy and the aneurysm clip positioning in order to find out the best surgical approach and bring it to the operating room. After surgery, the cases were discussed among expert and non-expert neurosurgeons (postoperative debriefing); moreover residents, who are amateurs in this peculiar procedure, were able to simulate the aneurysm clipping under the guidance of expert operators and in a safe environment thanks to the use of the simulator.