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EVD Placement

We are proud to announce that one of our latest studies is about to be published! This is the first multicentric European study on simulation in neurosurgery ever carried out, gathering performance scores at the simulator Immersive Touch from more than 80 participants (both residents ad fellows) from three different countries (Italy, Bulgaria and Lithuania). The results suggest a positive correlation between subjects who place more EVD/year and those who get better scores at EVD placement on the simulator; surprisingly, having greater experience overall does not correlate with the performance at the simulator. By assessing the validity of the Immersive Touch platform as a training tool, we might be able to offer both residents and surgeons an ideal environment to perform this procedure better and more safely, thereby improving patient’s outcomes as well. With our work we hope to provide new and useful data on the way to optimize tutoring, training and learning time as neurosurgeons.