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Guaranteeing patient safety is a complex challenge in neurosurgery, especially when in the operating room, where situations are unexpected, and well trained and skilled neurosurgeons truly make the difference.

The Foundation IRCCS Neurological Institute “Carlo Besta” has chosen to address this issue in a comprehensive and innovative way, by importing some successful protocols in safety management, directly from the world of aviation (ISOB project)  -aware of the obvious similarities between the cockpit and the operating room.

Motivated by this experience the Besta Neurosim Center was created in 2015 providing a safe 3D virtual reality environment with haptic feedback, in which young (more or less experienced) neurosurgeons can (rehearse and) learn how to perform both complex and minor surgical tasks. Our objective is to create validated training courses that will support residents throughout their academic careers, helping them improve and practice general technical skills through simulators, and non-technical skills through the implementation of what was learnt from the aviation training method.