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The computer systems and software procedures that are responsible for the operation of this Site during their normal operation, use the c.d. “Cookies”

Cookies are files or pieces of information that are stored on the user’s computer’s hard disk (files sent from the site server to the user’s Web site’s user) while browsing sites. The session cookies used are intended to speed up and facilitate access to the services offered by the Site.

No personal data of the Users is acquired by the Site. No cookies are used for the transmission of personal information.

Usage is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow secure and efficient browsing of the Site.

The use of c.d. session cookies used in this Site (which are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and vanish when the browser is closed) avoids the use of other potentially disruptive IT techniques for the confidentiality of user browsing and do not allow the capture of your personal identification data.

Cookies can not be used and will not be used to collect the user’s email address, nor will they be used to obtain information from the hard disk or personal or sensitive data.

Cookies will not be disseminated.

Your use of the Site expressly gives your consent to the use of Cookies by this Site in order to allow the activation of specific functions of the services and the time required for the fulfillment of the same services.