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ISOB – Impatient Safety on Board

The similarities between the neurosurgeon’s operating theatre and the pilot’s cockpit are marked by risk taking and management. Hence decision making assertiveness, assuming certain responsibilities and dealing with extremely intricate and challenging situations are quintessential abilities for both disciplines. Neurosurgery is a high risk medical profession where surgical complications occur in 316% of cases on average, depending on the type of intervention. In 2009, to maximize the safety margins in the operating room, the Inpatient Safety On Board (ISOB) program was born at the Neurological Institute “Carlo Besta” in partnership with the Research Center of Aeronautical Competence “Aviation Lab”, a group of experts in the field of aviation management and flight safety. This interdisciplinary project team consists of operators and neurosurgeons at the Institute and civil and military pilots. The ISOB Project team leader is Maurizio Cheli, an astronaut with 380 hours of inspace experience and the first Italian to have been responsible for a space mission.