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Training Courses (EANS Trainees)

Becoming a neurosurgeon entails every resident to acquire some technical abilities in order to operate on progressively complex cases. Simulation could represent a plausible support for this; it permits young neurosurgeons to safely practice several procedures in a virtual reality, in order to improve their technical and non technical skills.
The Besta NeuroSim Center structured a simulation course and implemented it at the EANS Training course in Sofia (2016) and Vilnius (2017). The training course involved 15 candidates in Sofia and 20 in Vilnius; the residents had to place an EVD at the ImmersiveTouch; perform an Intraoperative Ultrasound Navigation task with the USim; clip an aneurysm at the Surgical Theater; and debulk a meningioma at the NeuroTouch. The participants were also asked to fill out a personality test (16PF), complete a spatial ability practice test, an advance progressive matrices task, a dexterity challenge (Pegboard), and a selective attention test (D2R).
This training has promoted enthusiasm among the participants and allowed us to start discovering some of the traits that depict the good neurosurgeon.


EANS Training Courses – 22-25th January 2017 – Vilnius, Lituania