Simulation Session with Humanitas 4th February 2017

On February 4th in collaboration with the Humanitas team within their First Microsurgical Innovation Lab Course, the Besta NeuroSim Center hosted a simulation session in which 20 resident students and staff simulated diverse tasks at our simulators.

They started by analysing the case three by three directly from the 3D monitor that portrays the patient’s specific case study in a three dimensional virtual reality. This allows neurosurgeons to preoperatively plan the surgery that will take place. Then the participants moved on to the aneurysm clipping task at the Surgical Theater simulator.

They then analysed the patient’s case study at the USim device system, in which they apprehended brain US semiotics in order to perform a safer surgery as this simulation helps the neurosurgeon understand and interpret Intraoperative Ultrasound Imaging as a mean of support for surgical planning.

They then moved to on the more surgical simulation training in which they performed the tumour debulking task at our Neurotouch simulator; bimanual coordination, refinement of surgical skills and the removal of as much tumour as possible without harming the patient are the main goals for this simulation task; finally the participant would move on to place an EVD at the Immersive Touch simulator with haptic feedback and incredible visual and tactile reality.

This intense day of simulation simply showed the participants how these simulators work and how they can help young neurosurgeons improve their technical skills in order to be more prepared and confident when the moment comes to be in the real operating room.

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