EANS Training Course 22-25th January 2017, Vilnius Lithuania

The Besta NeuroSim Center’s team proudly participated within the EANS Training Course that took place from January 21st to 25th, 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania. It focused on training resident students during the second edition of the Cranial Neurosurgery Simulation Session and participated in various faculty meetings and presentations.

The aim of this five day simulation session was to gather and record some primary data for  the ongoing research projects, regarding the importance and validity of simulators for future neurosurgical training programs.

The Center managed to bring most of its simulators including the most recent creation of the center itself: Usim. It is a software and smartphone application used to better understand and get used to Ultrasound Imaging of the brain’s anatomy and was found to be useful as it provides real-time and continuous intra-operative images of the specific case.

The resident students trained and practiced specific technical neurosurgical skills by completing diverse tasks at each simulator along with dexterity and spatial orientation tests. Overall this simulation session was extremely successful as all students enjoyed the experience and contributed eagerly to this research project. We have also recently learnt that due to the success this course had in Vilnius, the EANS Training Committee Board has decided to make this simulating session course a core part of the official EANS curriculum.

Click here to read our full report from Vilnius


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