EANS Congress Venice (1-5 October 2017)

During the EANS Congress Venice (1-5 October 2017) we will be holding simulation sessions within the congress. Come and try our simulators, sign up on site.


During the EANS Congress Venice (1-5 October 2017) simulation sessions were offered to anyone interested.
Young medical students, residents and experienced neurosurgeons coming from all over the world had the opportunity to try and perform different tasks on our simulators, such as a virtual brain tumor debulking. Some of the most willing participants also helped us gather important data for one of our pioneer studies by letting us record their performances on the simulators and additionally completing a psychological assessment test, which will allow us to correlate such performances to personality traits.

This experience was both fun and useful, letting many neurosurgeons grow more familiar with the world of simulation and its incredible potential, especially as a training tool for less experienced surgeons.

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